What's Up

by Sitcom

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All songs written/recorded by Jake Lazovick
at The Bahamas (Baltimore, MD)
between May to September 2014


released June 6, 2015

- Elaiza Santos sings on tracks 3,8
(and is sampled on track 5, can u spot it?
e-mail jakelazovick@gmail.com with your guess)
- Cooper Wright plays trumpet on track 3
- Andy Kim whistles on track 9
- Val Karuskevich took the cover photo

released 06/06/2015 by Apollonian Sound

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all rights reserved


Jake Lazovick Maryland

Everything is going well today

I live in Baltimore, MD
JakeLazovick@gmail.com is my e-mail

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Track Name: white reeboks
I am strong like a cowboy
with my white reeboks on
I walk down mt. royal ave.
and I sing my song like a coward
as my eyes meet a former a lover
and I duck into a grassy field
to look at the sky
but it is too bright
and I have to close my eyes
tonight I am a cowboy
I am stone-cold
last night I was buster keaton
I've been told
will you be holding me?
and we can *get smokey (alt: go cozy)
I wear all green
I feel alright
the day is foggy
I'll wait 'til night
unbutton my button-down
when the sun comes out
cause i can't always be the funny guy
Track Name: ginger ale
I'm no mad scientist
though my hair sure looks like it
that's what a girl told me at a party
was it her idea of flirting?
I was looking for a conversation
I was disappointed by the ones I had
couldn't get passed a greeting
didn't say a word after "nice to see ya"
and I just want a ginger ale
and maybe I should cut my hair
wanna dwell in your passenger seat
will you take me to the movies?
do you have better things to do
than to hang around with this fool?
can't sleep so I play computer chess
drink tea and get real obsessed
I just want a ginger ale
can't find my scissors anywhere
can I dwell in your passenger seat?
will you kiss me at the movies?
I just want a ginger ale
wanna hang with someone who cares
and I'm not the lonely type
but I feel like it tonight
Track Name: window view
It is dark in my bedroom
I am holding out my arms
and the light from the window
guides me to my bed
I am small
when I said I was lonely
I was only kidding
I am content
in my bedroom
all alone
sometimes I want a hand
to hold with my hand
though I am okay
holding my pillow
the window...
keeps me company
(the window)
the house has gone to sleep
(the window)
I wake up and drink tea
(the window)
can you be my window?
frames the indigo sky
(the window)
the sun is about to rise
(the window)
I will one day die
(the window)
can you be my window?
show me peacefulness
(the window)
the quiet, carefulness
(the window)
cause I don't get any rest
(the window)
can you be my window?
can I learn how to let go?
Track Name: how r you
I heard my name
shouted across a crowded room
as two hands touched
one was pulled towards the other
to tap lightly on the other's shoulder
in some sort of gesture
I am familiar with
some words are exchanged
I heard "what's up"
and the response of "nothing much"
spoken in a casual tone
like you would to a friend or
someone you already know
but who's that guy in the corner
hey, that's me in the mirror
what is that flash?
did someone take a picture or
is it about to storm outside?
I wonder if I'll have a drink
is this my place in the world?
sitting on an armchair
I see people stand around
did they already know each other
or did they just meet?
I wanna stand around too
wanna stand around
with beer in my arms
a conscious character too
when someone says
"hey what's up"
I'll respond "I feel good,
how r you?"
Track Name: living room
in the living room
I sat close to you
the night of my birthday
the 25th of february
in my parent's house
we inched closer on the couch
that they got rid of
when my dog ripped it up
we didn't kiss
maybe we both thought about it
it was before we discovered
we didn't love one another
in the living room
all i wanted to do
was to say i was okay
the night of my birthday
in your car the other night
"dancing in the moonlight" (see: king harvest)
you showed me that song
and preceded to sing along
we tried to stay awake for the sunrise
but we fell asleep around 5
and woke up
i drove you back to your house
Track Name: blue shoes
lamppost lights poke through the trees
spot a good one around midnight
around the corner from a house
I no longer know
look down at my white shoes
now they look more like a light blue
in the moonlight
who are you I'm singing too?
broke the 4th wall but I'll fix it
swear I've always been a real idiot
in the moonlight
staring at my shoes
Track Name: how 2 draw
how do you a draw a face?
what do you do with the eyes?
what do you do with the nose?
what do you do with the ears?
what do you do with the mouth?
what do you do with the hair?
Track Name: mr. lonely
I made a painting
of two people kissing
it doesn't mean I'm lonely
but I am lonely
mr. lonely
missed her theoretically
kissed her like it was tv
like it meant something
cause there was music
and it was funny
I'm made of routine
the same sweatshirt I've always been
the same blue one you've already seen
had it since I was fourteen
I'm not a good guy
I'm a bad one in disguise
so I hope she forgets me
cause I forgot her already
Track Name: thank you
how do I show I'm grateful?
do I only sing it in my songs?
do I even need to say it all?
how do I say thank you?
and show full appreciation
while eating a clementine
the cup of tea in my hand
is this my way to show gratitude?
I'm just trying to sing my song
Track Name: perfect groove
sometimes nelly gets stuck in my head
so I can't help but dance
It's getting hot in here
I'm gonna eat some ice cream
I got a lousy drum machine
got no soul, but it can keep a beat
flashlight on the perfect groove
I'm hanging out in our living room
my shirts tucked in
I dance to the beat
I hear a maraca shake
but it's just my keys
turn the beat up
my shirt is untucked
the song is over
the show is done
everybody is gone