Snow Joke

by Jake Lazovick

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recorded during winter months in the basement of my parent's house in Potomac, MD


released May 9, 2013

re-mastered May 2014
includes four new bonus tracks



all rights reserved


Jake Lazovick Maryland

Everything is going well today

I live in Baltimore, MD is my e-mail

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Track Name: For Friends
i don't know where i'd be now without you to show me the way
no matter which path we take i hope you always remain
but if we were ever to separate i'll hold onto the fact
that no matter how lost i get a friend always has my back

so i'll call you up like you never left like the miles in between and the months we spent, losing touch all disappear as we reconnect

i know you've heard this one before but you are appreciated
i know it's hard to see sometimes but i believing you're amazing
im left with feelings inside and no great way to state their true
but to every friend i've ever had i want to say thank you

cause maybe that's all that we need, just a good friend and the world won't seem as bad as it can be sometimes and were would i be without you next to me
Track Name: Will I Be Fine
if this love is real it won't matter if you're near because where ever you are headed i'll be on the next bus there. and maybe that's not true but it sure helps to pass the time between when i need you most and when i'm swearing i feel fine. it's not that i need you, friend, because i'm feeling down, just that everything is better when you are around. like there's some sort of support and respect that we do find in the comfort of our company and connection of our minds.

so if it's not a long walk, than it's on a long drive because we're taking the time to make sure we're by each other's side. i'm right by your side.

will i be fine when i'm finally gone. will i still try when the distance has grown. cause i'm just floating around in a summer dream and what's the significance of that. if everyday was filled with such ease there'd be no use to looking back to when everything was perfect, almost so much i didn't think that i deserved it just sitting in the baseball diamond at the park, letting the sunset fall but embracing the dark. does that have any meaning, can something be significant without being spelled out for me like a time that was so easy and i was just floating along, i was thinking clear enough and couldn't think of anything going wrong

will i be fine, will i still be on your mind, if i'm not right by your side

and if this love is real it'll show no boundaries, i'll just hop on the bus back to where you would've found me and i'll make good time but i don't mean quick, by good time i mean it will be worth it
Track Name: Take Nothing For Granted
my body's teaching me life lessons like don't judge anyone by their body parts and your heart is your greatest weapon, always growing and pacing right back to the start. my tenderness is where the story begins just an awkward soul stuck in delicate skin, so fragile and fragmented are the thoughts that haunt me in my foggy head, saying the light in my cave is burning out again, my friend

don't be ashamed of who you are, take careful comfort in open arms and remember no matter where you go, you're never alone. take nothing for granted, embrace every moment that left you in awe cause sometimes i can't even imagine how strange it is that we're anything at all. so subtle yet so sincere were the words of wisdom that brought you to tears saying you'll never find meaning in happiness, the worlds full of shit and you'll never find bliss, stars will die and planets will collide so all you have left to do it try to find some heartfelt friendships that excite you in the night and wake you in the morning
Track Name: Suburban Landscape
the suburban landscape won't ever escape the person i'll become though i may try to shake it away it will remain like freshly manicured lawns and that grass will grow back just like the hair that i cut off when i was bored, it is mundane but it's that comfort now that i'm searching for

fooling around in basements on the same night i was spooked out walking home. moonlight pavement, pass the dark fields in the daylight which i would roam, pass the school where i use to go, oh boy look how much i've grown

cause i'm just a product of the things that i reject (confess) and barely have time to start to sit down and reflect (it's all part of the same thing) that lawn mower is the scissors i cut my hair with cause in this landscape we're all bored and making the most of it
Track Name: Front Lawns
returning to the bedroom i grew up in with first sights on a familiar front lawn and my old dog usually sleeps by the window and some nights he sleeps on my futon. a basement where some kids became best friends and the kitchen where we used to reminisce about when everything was better or how we are feeling better and we'll still goof around like kids

oh my old dog, let him out in the back yard, let me return to sunny afternoons on the back porch. a basketball hoop sits stagnant in the front yard, let me return to childhood on the front lawns, to afternoons on the front lawn, the old tree, and my dog. familiar and forever front lawn, family and a familiar futon.

so what is not forever still feels familiar and i need this right now familiar air right now
Track Name: Another Dog
my old friend when will is see you next cause i need a motivational speech i feel like another dog and i don't know if i belong.

i feel like another dog stickin' my tongue, do i still belong and oh i'm tired. and she is an underdog but she can drag me along and we can lay in bed forever, tucked under the covers. the winter months came to soon and this whole country is between me and you and i'm tired. back at home i can get my rest and everyday i'm still trying my best, but for now i'll lay in bed forever, just tucked under the covers
Track Name: Another Autumn
beyond this exterior i'm just a frightened boy who's afraid to find if there's anything more to those stories they me about falling in love, i keep searching for something but only find lust. so i'm gonna try to try my best, i'll head for the west but still be content if i only make it halfway because it's so comforting to know that there are many places to call home and no matter where you might roam you'll never be alone. deep down in us all we're searching for somewhere better to go

we walked every aisle of the convenience store and did nothing with our night but sit out on the curb, so it's times like this to remind me there's more to life than wasting your week for a saturday night and i know that, but i've still been upset for months, we all feel overwhelmed and walk around in a depressed funk, but i'm hoping and craving that this pain is worth something and we'll feel better when make it out the other side
Track Name: Feeling Better
i'm nothing more than this hollow heart, stripe me down reveal my body parts, i'm already insecure with the skin i'm in but then i'd feel more weak than i'd ever been. these are secrets that no one else knows so i stutter as i reveal in a fragile tone all my trembling thoughts over a microphone, like i've never felt so alone. it seems a lot of the time lately i just keep shutting down, like i'm watching but not living in the moments that surround me, sifting between the wind and the street, i'm getting anxious and worried every time that i speak. so cherish all the nights you spent alone and were content, remember when you got so scared and needed a friend or someone to say, don't worry everything is okay i'm right by your side
Track Name: ...Or At Least Trying
it's alright, it's fine, i'm okay, i keep stubbornly repeating tomorrow is a new day except i'm finding it hard to forge that kind of phrase, all the simple words that define such intangible things. all the coming of age tales never told the truth, there's no simple solution that will rebuild you, it's an ebb and flow of days that i'll regret, oh how i will obsess. sometimes i get so nervous like my chest is sinking in so i search twice around the block to seek where my comfort has been and try to find beauty in little moments or merely go over my day and i keep learning that make progress is to make some mistakes. all things consecrated will surely leave you behind, still i'm putting my faith in a phrase, things that matter will take their time so i try not to push so hard for those end results, oh i try not to feel so vulnerable

angie says remember to breathe, it's a small gesture but maybe it's one i need and i should remember to be the best person i can be

and it is completely alright to feel down sometimes, i go through months i wish that i could forget and remember they'll be days that i will cherish when i am at my best and i will obsess over a pre-disposition, it's the promise that everything will be fine, but i will declare my grasp onto a new notion, everyday i must give my best try