by Jake Lazovick

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In February I attempted, with my friend Joanna, to do a song a day project entitled "j & j song a day". We intended to record a demo everyday and e-mail it to the other person. It didn't work out perfectly. I am left with 22 songs, 12 of which I've uploaded to this bandcamp page - I'll say it's the best of February. A lot of these songs will appear again, others only exist in this form.


released April 27, 2014

thanks to Joanna receiving e-mails and my roommates for constant encouragement and enduring my singing through the walls



all rights reserved


Jake Lazovick Maryland

Everything is going well today

I live in Baltimore, MD
JakeLazovick@gmail.com is my e-mail

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Track Name: ginger ale 1
i'm no mad scientist
though my hair sure looks like it
that's what a girl told me at a party
was it her idea of flirting

i was looking for a conversation
i was disappointed by the ones i had
couldn't get passed a greeting
did say a word after "nice to see ya"
and i just want a ginger ale
maybe i should cut my hair

i just want a ginger ale
maybe i should cut my hair

wanna dwell in your passenger seat
will you take me to the movies
or do you have better things to do
than to hang around with this fool

can't sleep so i play computer chess
drink tea and get real obsessed

i just want a ginger ale
can't find my scissors anywhere

can i dwell in your passenger seat
will you kiss me at the movies
i just want a ginger ale
wanna hang with someone who cares
and im not the lonely type
but i feel like it tonight
Track Name: larrylulu
when you die will we bury you in the backyard
mom and dad are selling the house soon,
but you belong under the back porch
plotted in your dirt land, hang with the dirt man
your skin is scabbed and worn and you are grey
don't you know you are great
don't you know you are the best

last night when i said goodbye
i said it like it might be the last

and i hope it's not
but it might have been
you're more then a dog
you are my friend

i won't, want to go home
ill have to watch tv alone
hey arnold, 2002
before school
in the living room
that was me and you
Track Name: 2 songs about coffee
focus on the inside of my eye lids
today i swear i felt like buster keaton

in the walgreens parking lot
all i really want
is a cup of coffee
maybe a banana


colin says it's different to go out for coffee than to make it at home
i agree, i don't need coffee, i just want to walk around

if i go away for awhile
will i still be fine when i return
i look out the window
and it's definitely winter

when i return
when will i return
when will i return this library book

in two weeks i won't need that walk, but i might want some coffee
Track Name: mr. lonely
i made a painting
of two people kissing
it doesn't mean i'm lonely
but i am lonely

mr. lonely
missed her theoretically
kissed her like it was tv
like it meant something
cause there was music
and it was funny

i'm made of routine
the same sweatshirt i've always been
the same blue one you've already seen
had it since i was 14

i'm not a nice guy
i'm a bad one in disguise
so i hope she forgets me
cause i forgot her already
Track Name: walk home 1
focusing on my footsteps
as i walk home again
underneath my sweatshirt
i can feel a new kind of heart
and i never got to mention
all i need is the help of a friend
Track Name: the living room
in the living room
i sat next to you
the night of my birthday
the 25th of february

in my parents house
we inched closer on the couch
that they got rid of
when my dog ripped it up

we didn't kiss
maybe we both thought about it
it was before we discovered
we didn't love one another

bonus feature:
hand gestures as you walk by
shoot me with your pistol
and i'll throw up a peace sign
i've got no plans for tonight
Track Name: stockholm syndrome (yo la tengo)
What's the matter, why don't you answer?
What's the matter with me?
Is it so hard to be free and easy?
We'll disappear completely,
Hardly as alone as glad

Your heart is broken, and the doors are open
As you're hoping to be
There's brighter places to see
Hands need warming, early in the morning
Hardly as alone as surprised

No, don't warn me
I know it's wrong, but I swear it won't take long
And I know you know,
It makes me sigh; I do believe in love

No, don't warn me
I know it's wrong, but I swear it won't take long
And I know you know,
It makes me sigh; I do believe, I do believe...

Another season of the same old feelings
Another reason to be
I'm tired of achin', the summer's what you make it
But I'll believe what I want to believe
Track Name: snowday
to say that i want to be alone
is true i don't wanna leave my room
i am content with my grocery list
this snow day was exactly what i needed

so don't plow the streets at all
i don't wanna go outside today
to say i'm giving up is not true
i just need a day away from it all
Track Name: foggy night
we merged the contours of our bodies in your bed
your last night in town we didn't even bother to undress
and though you were upset
i could of happily died
wish i could of changed your mind
but i was just a boy

the sun, the sun rose through the fog
the day, the day that you went home
we kissed, we kissed and then you were gone
and we never, we never kissed again
so i how could i forget

through june you found somebody new
i sat at home and attached myself to you
so though you were far away
you were the only thing on my mind
didn't think it'd be the last time
that foggy night in may
that i'd hold you that way
Track Name: larrylulu 2
when he dies will we bury him in the backyard
i know your selling the house soon, but he belongs under the back porch
with the other creatures, the squirrels and worms
across from the evergreen tree, next to the barbecue grill

i won't want to go home
there's nothing left for me there
Track Name: walk home 2
i'm walking home through the rain
i am okay with it

as i walk i hear a familiar voice
good afternoon, how are you doing?

well it's raining, but i'm not complaining
i'm walking through the rain and loving it
Track Name: utz natural attraction
i'm a sad sack of potato chips
press a soda bottle to my lips

in our living room
we hung a hammock
i wanna lay around
with somebody in it
that i'm in love with
but im not in love
with anyone

i wanna lays around, eat sun chips
utz natural attraction